Les fruits de mer de la Madeleine - chair de crabe des neiges

Our premium snow crab is sustainably caught by Magdalen Islands fishermen in the cold and deep waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence. It’s processed following the best practices of the industry to ensure freshness and an exceptional quality! Leg meat is extracted manually with the greatest care by our workers in the plant of l'Étang-du-Nord. Enjoy this tender, delicate and rich-tasting meat!

  • Species

    Chionoecetes opilio

  • Fishing season

    April - June

  • Fishing zone

    Gulf of St Lawrence, zones 12 et 12F

  • Format

    227 g or 454 g

  • Availablity

    In season

  • Preservation

    Until 4 days in normal refrigeration conditions (4 °C) or until 2 years in normal freezing conditions (-18 °C)

Where to find our products

All our products are available at our local fish market in House Harbour. For wholesale, in Canada or internationally, contact directly our head office.

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