Les fruits de mer de la Madeleine - Palourdes - Mactres d'Amérique

Our big clams are wild caught on sandy bottoms surrounding Magdalen Islands. They are a very good source of various nutrients. The result of this canned product allows you to find the natural flavor of the clam while having a tender and tasty flesh. Ideal to enjoy as an appetizer as well as for your chowders, they are just waiting for you!

  • Species

    Spisula solidissima

  • Fishing season

    Mars - December

  • Fishing zone

    Near the coasts of Magdalen Islands

  • Format

    154 g jars or 12 jars boxes

  • Availability

    Year long

  • Preservation

    Until 3 years after production date, in good storage conditions. Refrigerate after opening.

Where to find our products

All our products are available at our local fish market in House Harbour. For wholesale, in Canada or internationally, contact directly our head office.

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